Why use Pattern Fasteners as your fastener manufacturer?

What do you look for in a fastener manufacturer? The key features to latch on to are normally adequate experience, reliable knowledge and impressive services plus a body of work that shows the company off. Pattern Fasteners tick all of these boxes.

Pattern Fasteners are an ever-expanding company of engineers that are committed to the manufacturing of exceptional fasteners andprecision components, providing customers with precision parts such as set screws, pointed bolts, dog point screws and turned parts. The company is also noted as being a special fasteners manufacturer, which in itself garners a large following from various companies.

With decades of experience, a dedicated workforce and the tools to create specialised non-standard fasteners, Pattern Fasteners are the fastener manufacturers UK company you should reach out to.

Their experience

Experience within a company is important. It shows professionalism and creates peace of mind for all customers. Pattern Fasteners were launched more than 35 years ago and have since grown and gained more and more experience as a fastener manufacturer in the engineering industry.

With an array of fastening solutionsthat can be manufactured for youand unbeatable customer satisfaction, Pattern Fasteners have definitely endeavoured to become one of the leading fastener manufacturers UKcompanies. Three decades of soaking up information on how the industry works, growing the workforce and being associated with top companies through the services they providehas given the company what it needs to succeed: knowledge.

Their knowledge

Without knowledge, a company cannot expect to improve or succeed. The workforce at Pattern Fasteners is built up of specialist engineers who are incredibly skilled and are the main reason that Pattern Fasteners has its positive reputation as a fastener manufacturer. The company pride themselves on pushing the boundaries when it comes to the fasteners they create and the customer service they provide.

The team continuously grows, with likeminded engineers joining all the time.What does this mean? That the company is brimming with new and fresh ideas constantly.

Rest assured that when in contact with the team, you will be greeted by a friendly, competent member of the team. Every employee at Pattern Fasteners is experienced in how to handle your enquiry with the manners and knowledge that will leave you satisfied.

Their work

With Pattern Fasteners, normal fasteners are not the limit. Although the team of course create standard fasteners for everyday solutions, this company takes a step further; they specialise in the manufacturing of non-standard fasteners.

As a special fasteners manufacturer, Pattern Fasteners can produce distinctfastening solutionsfor you that are designed to be bespoke to your exact requirements. If you design an appliance that requires fasteners of an unusual design, then you now know where to go. Because of this gap in the market, the team has gone on to create specialist fastening solutions for companies within the aerospace industry, construction industry, medical industry and even the military industry.

Contact the team

Feel that Pattern Fasteners service could be of use to you? Why not get in touch? Call the team on 0121 330 0854 or email for one of their expert team members to assist you with your enquiry.

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