What is Architectural Engineering?

Architectural Engineering bridges the gap between architecture and engineering, allowing for more specialised professionals to take on jobs that need the specific talents of an architectural engineer. Architectural Engineering is a more specific field of engineering that deals with buildings and structures. Though architects are usually used to design buildings, engineers are actually a large part of that process, too. This is where Architectural Engineers come in to play, because they specialise in a very specific field where they have the skills to speak the same language as an architect, because they are taught to construct building designs using the same methods that architects use. This ultimately means that when an Architect and an Architectural Engineer are working together on a project, they’ll be more in-sync than an Architect working with a standard Engineer.

Architectural Engineering is a blend of understanding the way that materials and structures work, as well as learning how to design with those materials. An Architectural Engineer can create structures in ways that seem unimaginable because they understand how a material can be manipulated, and how far you can push the limits of that material in a design concept before it won’t work.

Typically, the standard architect is brought in at the start of a job. They are the more creative side of building a structure, who think outside of the box, and consider the overall aesthetics of a structure; how it looks, how it will look integrated with the buildings around it etc. Architects are usually quite artistic, artsy, and can draw well.Engineers on the other hand, are numbers-driven. They think about the solutions for a structure, how much it will cost, how it will function, how it will stay standing. A large among of engineers actually aren’t great at drawing, they rely on scientific solutions to draw conclusions and solve an issue.

An Architectural Engineer gets the best of both worlds. Design thinking between an Architect and an Engineer is usually different, but in Architectural Engineering, they are taught the design aspects that an Architect is taught, and the mathematical knowhow of an Engineer.

In terms of education, Architectural Engineers come from different backgrounds. Some started as an Engineering student, and later took a Master’s in Architecture. Others started straight from Architectural Engineering. Some are Engineers with architectural backgrounds. It can vary, but, essentially, if you have the skills necessary to be an Architect and an Engineer, you can become an Architectural Engineer. You need to have the drawing skills, the maths, the rationality, and the ability to consider the aesthetic look alongside looking at the solutions to construct the building. Some students may struggle choosing between the two professions, but they don’t have to, because Architectural Engineering is a course that exists now.Architectural Engineering is also called Building Engineering and is usually noted as the application of engineering within architectural designs. An Architectural Engineer is responsible for several aspects of the design and construction of a building, and can help contractors understand how a building works as well as either separate profession.

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