What Are The Most Significant Oilfield Tools?

Oilfield drilling is a complex process involving few major steps and the use of several types of equipment for drilling, extraction, and cleaning. If you’re wondering to know more about the major tools and equipment used in the process, this is the right spot for you.

Here, we’re going to share a couple of most significant oilfield tools that are widely used for the drilling, extraction, cleaning process as well as to maintain safety throughout the process—

Shale shakers

Before the drilling starts, the shale shakers help in large solids from the drilling fluids that are useful in keeping the drill cool after separating the mud. This separation of the large solids from the mud makes the whole drilling process less aggressive which is also an environment-friendly initiative.

Drill pipe

The drilling machines are equipped with several tools such as adapter spools and more. The pipes help in creating the hole through which the oil is extracted out. The drill pipe has a major role to play starting from. The pipe is attached to the drilling machine and as the hole gets deeper, the length of string is also expanded. The drilling pipe is used in lubricating the machine that controls the heating up of the equipment too. You need to choose the drill pipe considering the type of field that is to be dug and drilled.


Degassers, as the name suggests helps in removing the carbon-di-oxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide etc gases during the drilling process. The gas and air are produced from the liquid that passes through the drilling machine are separating the solids and the liquids. Two types of degassers are found. One is the vacuum degasser that spate the gases and air from the mud. The other one is the atmospheric degassers that mainly use propellers in larger surface areas. It supports in releasing the trapped gases that simplify the whole process of oil extraction.

Mud cleaners

As mentioned earlier that mud is used in keeping the drilling machine cool and the whole process less aggressive. But to keep the liquid in proper form the mud cleaners are used. Mud cleaners are sort of mesh that has tiny holes that don’t allow solids to pass through the mud. It normally happens soon after the mud is passed through the hydrocyclone.

Apart from these, the oilfield drilling process requires dewatering, piling and oilfield casing solutions that are strongly recommended during the oil extraction process.

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