How To Purchase Right Kind Of Torque Wrench?

If you are a mechanic or an engineer then torque wrench is one of the most important tool that is to be found in your tool box. You may need to tighten nuts or bolts in many different machines, equipment or even vehicles. By using this tool, you can easily tighten or open the bolts and nuts without damaging them.

Torque wrenches are available in different price range. It means higher the price premium the quality. Make sure to select the right kind of torque tools for your own use.

  • Prefer to buy an accurate tool

It is important to buy such tools (that also includes your torque wrench), which should be more accurate. In case of torque wrench the indication of pressure that you will apply must be accurate. You must check the accuracy and make sure that its foot pound setting must be less than A±5% precise. Some of the torque wrenches are also display accuracy of A±2% and remember more you go for accuracy, the higher the price you will need to incur.

  • Prefer to look more on quality than feature

There are few torque wrenches equipped with fancy LED/LCD readout features and similar other digital things. However look for better accurateness and quality rather than all these features. There are few cheaper torque wrenches available with less features but with much better quality.

  • How frequently will you use?

If you are going to use the torque wrench for some occasional work then choosing a very expensive model is just not a sensible thing. In such scenario, make sure to buy a torque tool that meets your basic needs. On the other hand, if your purpose is to use it regularly in a professional way then make sure to buy the tool from a reputed hardware store. Make sure you never compromise on the tool quality.

  • Prefer to buy American brand

It is always preferable to buy torque wrenches or any other tool manufactured in America because proper manufacturing standards are applied and you can gain better warranty.  There are few European companies who manufacture tools of reasonably good quality. They may also be cheaper but in most cases you may experience language problem. The reason is that instructions are usually of a specific European language that may create a lot of confusion amongst the buyer as he is not familiar with the language.

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