How to Improve Your Restaurant

If your sales are beginning to slump and you’re not sure why your restaurant is beginning to fail before it even got started, it may be time to re-evaluate your entire project and try to identify just where you are going wrong. There are several areas of your business you can examine with the goal of changing whatever you think may be causing your company to lose money. Running your own restaurant is hard-work, there are many factors you must take into consideration to ensure you create a successful enterprise. The three most important areas to get right are your food, service, and décor. Here are some useful tips to help you improve the standard of your restaurant.

Interior Décor

When it comes to running a restaurant, your interior décor is important for numerous reasons, when a customer walks into your establishment they’ll quickly observe their surroundings and take note of how clean your business is, in the catering industry, cleanliness is top of the list when it comes to award winning diners. Nobody wants to sit down in a grubby, unhygienic environment and eat food. Your restaurant must be spotless, because everyone knows that first impressions are incredibly important when it comes to business, if you give off all the wrong impressions, you’ll find it difficult to retain customers. In addition, they’ll also spread negative comments around the community about your business, once your restaurant gets a bad name for being dirty or unkept, it’ll be unbelievably challenging to change people’s attitudes.

The most important area to keep clean in your establishment is your table linen, that’s where your customers will spend most of their time and once they sit down to enjoy their meals, you better be sure they are presented with snow white linen, free from any type of stains. Customers want to eat in a clean environment, so it is vital that you pay attention to this feature. There is no excuse for dirty table linen, there are hundreds of commercial laundry services in the UK who offer affordable rates on both table cloth hire and cleaning services. Your establishment must present an impeccably clean dining area, customers will wait in anticipation to see what meals you deliver once they’ve been seated in a spotless dining environment. All of these features go towards creating a special dining experience, so no restaurateur should neglect this key area.

Hiring Policy

Your staff are critical when it comes to building a successful business, without positive people you can’t run an effective establishment. As a restaurant owner, you should personally hire employees for your company, make a list of all the attributes people require to be excellent service personnel and identify individuals who fit the bill. A whole range of customer service surveys on restaurants and other dining facilities suggest that staff are probably the most important part of any business, particularly when it comes to serving customers. Your employees are the front line of your establishment, they represent your business and its ideals. They present an image of your company which should be positive and surrounded by your own ideals. It doesn’t matter how delicious your food is, or how beautiful your furnishings are, if you don’t have friendly, reliable, hard-working staff your business will suffer, if customers aren’t greeted by an approachable, receptive waiter, they won’t bother coming back. Your staff are the heart and soul of your company so choose them wisely.

Community Events & Fundraisers

It costs nothing to get involved in local events and community fundraisers, and it’s an excellent way of establishing yourself in your area. It helps to market your business and people will remember your brand when they decide to go out for dinner. If you don’t have considerable funds, you can always host a charity event, get in contact with local community leaders and inquire about hosting the next community event. You can donate part of the proceeds to a recognised charity fund and you also get to advertise your restaurant to the local community. One good deed goes a long way and people will remember your establishment if its constantly involved in charitable fund raisers.

Child Friendly

The vast majority of your patrons will be parents so why not reward their loyalty by making your restaurant a child friendly environment, it doesn’t take much to do this and small things such as colouring books can make a dramatic impression on customers with children. You want to increase the likelihood of retaining customers so why not be a kid friendly restaurant. For parents visiting restaurants it can be very challenging to enjoy a meal when their kids are hyper and suffering from boredom, they need something to keep them occupied and a helping hand from staff members is invaluable. Simple things like tracing papers and colouring pens can keep a child entertained for a long period of time while their mother and father relax and enjoy their food. If your budget allows, you could also design a play area where parents could leave their children while eating. This area should be in full view of the parents, so the kids aren’t left unattended on your premises, it is also possible to nominate one member of staff to monitor this section of the restaurant to ensure nothing goes wrong.

There are several easy ways to improve your restaurant, they include basic changes which don’t have to break the bank and can be done with a little innovation on your behalf. If you want your establishment to be successful you must adapt and change to suit the current climate, that may mean changing your business to suit families instead of neglecting this important demographic. It’s always important to assess and re-examine your current format, if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change it. Successful restaurant chains aren’t afraid of innovations, they recognise when trends are beginning to change and adjust their businesses appropriately.

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