Don’t Miss These Facts about Flange Spreaders

Otherwise also known as a flange separator, a flange spreader is one of the common industrial tools intended to separate/open flanges. The use of flange spreader is quite extensive in industries such as oil, gas and plumbing, as flanges are frequently used for connecting pipes. With years of use, flanges, being made of metal, can corrode, and thereby, the repairs can be hard, especially if the workers and technicians need to work on the insider of the pipes. A flange spreader or separator comes handy in such situations. The flange spreader helps in expanding the flanges with the help/use of a ‘hydraulic-jacking system’. Below are some of the other aspects you need to know.

Different types of flange spreaders

There are basically two types of flange spreaders – manual and hydraulic. The choice largely depends on the kind of force you need to get the job done. Hydraulic flange spreaders are obviously better because for bigger jobs, you just need two to three products. The hydraulic flange spreaders are placed at an equal distance from other another, and a hydraulic pump, which is connected to each spreader, is then used for separating the flanges in a uniform way.  As far as using a manual flange spreader is concerned, the steps remain the same initially, but unlike hydraulic flange spreaders, a pump is not used. Instead, a ratchet handle is used for the process.

Buying tips

If you check online for manufacturers of flange spreaders, you will find quite a few options, and the prices can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size. One of the other aspects that may affect the price is the system setup. Also, larger flange spreaders tend to be more expensive than the smaller ones, because more powerful systems are required to use for the larger flanges. If you are tight on your budget, mention the same to the manufacturer and they might be able to offer a custom solution based on your requirements. In case you also need hydraulic torque wrenches, place a combined order, and you might get a discount.

Check for the best manufacturers and find more about the range they can handle. Also, it is always better to get an estimate in advance, but since you would need support before and after the sale, it is wise to select a company that’s reliable, genuine and doesn’t compromise on quality and requirements.

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