Dealing With Challenges Following Unexpected Motor Failure!

The aftermath of electric motor failure can be puzzling. For businesses, this is a matter of immediate concern, because it can lead to considerable downtime and losses in a short time. Motor owners are usually confused if they should invest in one of the high-efficiency motors or must go for rewind or repair. While one can always save money with electric motor rewind, possible inefficiencies remain a matter of concern.

A small number of studies was done around smaller motors, and if the data available previously is to be believed, rewind can drop the efficiency of these motors by 5% each time. Expectedly, this is a matter of concern for motor owners, considering the expenses and volume of energy used by the motors. Recent research may have countered some of the findings. EASA and AEMT conducted a study using 22 new motors with power between 50 to 300 hp with Nottingham University. The study found that if the electrical motor rewind is done using good practice, the efficiency doesn’t really reduce. In fact, some instances showed the motor’s efficiency only increased with the rewind.

Things to consider

This simply means that the purchase of an expensive electric motor might not be the only solution, barring cases related to complete failure. Keep the operations, cost and overall efficiency of the motor in mind before taking the final call. As explained by Houghton International, a few key questions must be asked for this.

  1. Is the electric motor valuable for the purpose it was bought? Review the damage and consider if the motor actually suits to your operational needs right now. Replacement might work better for catastrophic failure.
  2. What’s the condition of stator core and rotor? If the damage to stator core and rotor is significant, replacement is probably better as repairs can be costly. Keep the downtime in mind, because replacement might take time, which can increase losses.
  3. What’s the damage to mechanical parts? In case of motor failure, there can be damage to the bear housing, shaft and other mechanical parts. Check for that and find if replacement of the same is going to cost huge.
  4. Is it an EPAct or Nema Premium? Consider your budget and make sure that your replacement is energy efficient, because that’s the whole point of an upgrade. If the existing efficiency of the motor seems okay, find a qualified service center to get the repairs done and you will not see any change in performance.

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